Saturday, June 18, 2016

Laravel Project - Restaurant Management System

Are you a PHP programmer? Have you ever thought that you cannot do anything after finishing your programming training course? It is because you don’t know the goal of your study, and no one tell you which part of any completed project will use your piece of code.

In this tutorial, I would like to show the kind of system that you can develop after reading all the tutorials in this blog. It is also the goal that you want you to achieve.

Below are the screenshots of the restaurant management project. And later, I will share you all the pieces of code that you can use for this whole project.

To make you feel easy to catch all the points of the following tutorials, you should have some knowledge of PHP, MySQL, MVC architecture concept, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap.

Cashier screen

Admin screen

Admin dashboard

Login screen - PC View
Login screen - mobile view


Rodrigo H. said...

Hi, when do you gonna share do code? It will be very useful to me
Thank you.

Senghok Eang said...

Hi Rodrigo,

I have shared some part of the project in this blog already. It is a bit hard to share code of the whole project. If you need to know any part of this project, just let me know. Maybe I can share with you.

Thank you

Rodrigo H. said...

Thanks for the reply, I'm starting with Laravel and find the ideia of your project very interesting, I will look in your others posts.

Thank you!

Asad said...

i cant found where is some part of project,? could you please send me link?

Senghok Eang said...

Hi Asad,
Sorry for very late to reply. I shared you the technology that I used in this project. Not mean I share the source code of this project.

Asad Javed said...

Thanks for Reply Sanghok, please share technology that are used in this product, i have a question can you please tell me solution with some piece of code,
multi restaurants owner create his own meals menu in my portal, how can access only his own meals items?
thanks in advance

Jitle Noriega Perez said...

Good afternoon from Colombia

Could you send me the source code to this email via this email

Thank you

ruta kajackaite said...

Hello dear,

Grate work! could u please share project code via

Thanks alot

Akter Ahmed said...

Brilliant project!
It will be much appreciated if you share the technique or give some hints for customizing the searching that you have already applied in your application.

zayboo hunzai said...

Hello Sir!do you have any source code of Simple messaging system(cheat)?Thanks

sanket sardesai said...

Please give me your email id

Sainory said...

Could you send me the source code to this email
Thank you

Anonymous said...

can you send me the source code to this email
thank you

Blackstone Palembang said...

how do u handle set menu and ala carte menu on the database?

Bi-Depo said...

can you send me the source code to this email
thank you